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As citizens of America, you may be blessed to do a lot of things. There are not many people in the world who are fortunate enough to lead an active retirement life with all the basic comforts and needs. The question is, are you living the American dream? Have you planned out your retirement life and how you are going to spend those days? If you haven’t, then it’s a good time to start. First you need to secure your health and finances. The next step would be to live in a community that supports you to live an active independent life. Where will you find such a place that promises retired independent living? You don’t have to look far as there is a retirement housing facility in the California Bay Area that provides you with the necessary security and convenience to lead a productive, gratifying lifestyle. Chateau Cupertino is one such retirement community in Cupertino that was built by the traditions and values laid by the seniors of yesteryears. The American dream usually talks about achieving a better life for oneself through hard work and determination that eventually begets financial prosperity. Chateau Cupertino offers every senior much more than financial freedom. This retirement community promises every resident, the chance to live an independent life with a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.

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Chateau Cupertino - Senior Community where people live independently

The chance to live independently at one’s own whims and fancies after retirement, is a distant dream for many Americans today. It’s simply because, life in this present generation has become too monotonous, with weeks, months and years passing by in a blink of an eye. There is very little time to do the things we are passionate about as we end up balancing a family life and a career that is consumed by work and stress. After retirement we eagerly look forward to living independently without having to depend on anyone for financial security or moral support. But is it just about saving money in our bank accounts that’s going to give us a peaceful retirement life? Money can buy a lot of material things, but things like love, support, comfort, social security and freedom can never be obtained with green paper bills. It takes more than just an overflowing bank balance to live a life of independence when your hair starts graying. Chateau Cupertino is a place where you can get all the love and support you need from the friendly residents, staff and management. There is literally something for everyone to participate and enjoy. So whatever may be your background or culture, you will still fit in with everyone living here. Come on over and make friends for life!

Chateau Cupertino Workshop
Deciding it is time to Sell

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Part - 2

John Gray is the owner and operator of The Chateau Cupertino. Watch John talk about the important things that go into from moving from your home into a retirement community. For
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Well-balanced, wholesome and tasty food is served in the dining hall every day, including holidays and weekends. We have multiple menu choices for your individual preferences. We organize a Champagne Brunch every month. You can bring over your guests and visitors for the Champagne Brunch or any other meal for that matter.The Family Dining Room can also be reserved for special events to be celebrated with family/ friends.

Premium Retirement residences where every need is met

The Chateau’s motto is “This is your home”. Chateau Cupertino is not a retirement facility like an assisted living facility or an old age home. Every senior tends to worry about maintaining house, paying visits to the doctor and safeguarding their privacy and security on a regular basis. This senior housing facility in Cupertino will take care of all your household chores, domestic help and security features, so that you can spend time engaging in social and recreational activities or enrolling in an educational course that you will benefit from, physically and mentally. You will get to choose between one-bedroom, two-bedroom and alcove apartments that are fully furnished with beautiful interiors and décor. To help you feel more comfortable, you can bring along your personal items, furniture and pets. Having treasured possessions in your keepsake will certainly make Chateau Cupertino home. In addition to the carpets, drapes, blinds and individual climate control, you will also enjoy features such as multiple closets, patio, balcony or solarium. Security features like alarm systems and emergency are provided in all apartments, so if there is an emergency, the staff will attend to it at any given time 24/7. This premium retirement residence offers wholesome tasty, nutritious meals with individual menu preferences for those on special diets. You can invite your family over during the weekends for brunch in the Family Dining Room during special occasions or simple get-togethers. You can also plan outings to shopping malls, hospitals, churches and other recreational pursuits by making use of the scheduled transportation, provided by this facility. Every recreational center is easily accessible as the establishment is within walking distance of restaurants, malls, banks, theatres and medical facilities. The management has organized several activities and educational programs for varied interests. There is something for everyone at the Chateau, so you have every reason to call it your home away from home.

Chateau Cupertino is centrally located one-half block south of Stevens Creek Boulevard and one mile west of Vallco Fashion Park shopping mall. Visit or call (408) 446-4300 for more information on enrollment.

Convenient Location

Located just one half-block south of Stevens Creek Boulevard and one mile west of Vallco Fashion Park, Chateau Cupertino is also within walking distance to several banks, restaurants, stores, a library and emergency medical services. Click here for directions.

Maintenance and Housekeeping

We take care of the maintenance and cleaning of your Chateau Cupertino retirement apartment. We also provide laundry services for your bed linens and personal items. If you so wish, you can also do your own laundry at our Laundry Rooms.


At Chateau Cupertino, we ensure that you have an active social life with lots to occupy yourself with. There are plenty of activities for every kind of preferences, including educational courses, entertainment programs and religious and spiritual engagements. We also provide scheduled transportation for nearby shopping, medical appointments and other activities.

Safety Measures

Safety is a major urban concern in today’s world infested with crimes and accidents. Your safety and well being are the most important concern for us. We have installed a comprehensive Fire Safety System in the building complex. We also have in place a smoke detector and fire alarm in each apartment to alert you immediately. Every apartment has an Emergency Call System and we have staff on duty 24/7, so you can access us anytime.

To ensure safety, we lock the outside doors in the evening. However you can use your apartment key to open the front door, so you don’t encounter any personal inconvenience.

Personal Attention

The staff at Chateau Cupertino is the third generation involved in retirement housing and services. It is a tradition at Chateau Cupertino that everyone from the senior management to the service boys takes effort to know our residents and serve them with the respect and affection they so richly deserve.


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Visit for more detailed information.
You can also contact us by phone (408) 446-4300 or email us at
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